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About Us

Another day in my life begins with clock alarming suprabatham, snoopy licking my face, and apple watch putting up my day schedule. As I roll out of my bed many tasks start popping up in my half-awake mind, however the first and most important was to attend to my breakfast needs. For a moment finding good food at that time feels like a herculean task when morning calls leaves me with no more than 15 min for kitchen. On the other hand how long can I survive on road side foods with unsure quality and rising prices? Wondered how many of my friends in Hyderabad are facing this tough situation. This gave birth to Time2Tiffin – a full scale solution to our breakfast problems.

T2T emerged in a techie’s garage with a group of tech and food enthusiasts in September 2015. Since its inception the team has grown from 2 to 35. Today it serves 30+ delicious items in 8 locations of Hyderabad including Madhapur, Gachibowli and surrounding areas. To meet growing user requests we plan not only to expand our operations in to other areas of Hyderabad but also broaden our menu offerings. Our rising active user base, which has grown to 5000 users in just 4 months, testimonies our likability and we intend to keep it growing.

T2T is a simple, easy and quick tiffin delivery app that helps you order home style breakfast on a single click. T2T is based on 3 pillars of Quality, Service and Price. Our menu offers wide variety of healthy south Indian tiffin prepared with home ingredients. Standardized hygienic process in place helps serve high quality foods. On time delivery has been the capstone of our service. Dedicated road runners treat you as our personal guests and strive hard to meet your expectations. We believe in long term relationships and we understand your pocket needs, so we kept our pricing dearer to you and farther to market.

Our vision is to be your morning friend and feed you to get your day going. And our mission is to do everything possible to stand on our core values of Quality, Service and Price to serve you the best. So what’s to wait download the app now and let’s be morning friends.

Our Featured Menu

Time 2 TIffin offers you a perfect start to your day with a wide menu variety.

  • Special dosa from T2T master chef. You will love this for sure, give it a try

    T2T Special Dosa

    Rs 65

  • Delicious 4 idli with ghee and in-house special karam powder topped up, groundnut chutney, hot and spicy sambar, ginger chutney

    Karam and Ghee Idli

    Rs 50

  • Delicious 3 vada deeped into Sambar , groundnut chutney, ginger chutney

    Sambar Vada

    Rs 55

  • Uttapam prepared with chopped onion and roasted very well. Includes groundnut chutney, hot and spicy sambar, ginger chutney

    Onion Uttapam

    Rs 55

  • 301, Kakthiya road, Anjaya Nagar,
    Near ICICI ATM

  • 1/107, Guttala Begumpet, Opposite Tata Docomo Showroom


Breakfast is only for immediate consumption.

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